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Israeli Aircraft Industries Selling Unmanned Aerial Vehicles UAVs to Canada

Many smaller Canadian Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) fledgling start up companies are worried that the allowing of Israeli Aircraft Industries into the Canadian Government Procurement Process Bidding and Contracts for Sales undermines their efforts. Some of them believe this is discouraging start ups in Canada. One self-proclaimed aerospace analyst and conspiracy theorist who tracks public military armament sales further indicated that the plot thickens and could get worse for Canada’s military manufacturing sector of UAVs. How so you ask? Well he said that;”. . .Of course and they [Israeli National Security] will send in Homosexual Spies and lobbyists to blow your parliament members, they lack integrity you know? I do not trust the Israelis as they are selling to our future enemies. So we have issues where our technology is being repackaged and resold as part of their defense industry, not only do we not get the money, our technology goes half way around the world before we complete its implementation into our own arsenals and train our team to use it.”One could argue this gentleman’s point of view as he is considered a conspiracy theorist and probably spends all night listening to George Noory and Art Bell on the World Famous Coast to Coast Am Late Night Talk Show. But all things considered it is plausibly deniable anyway you cut it.

Additionally what the conspiracy theorist fails to point out is that these technologies could be further modified making it difficult for the United States to combat our own technologies we created at home, which is a dangerous scenario. Of course as we sell F-16s to Pakistan, Russians sell Migs and build nuclear power plants in Iran and Syria and Chinese are selling surface to air hand helds to anyone with the cash.So as the conspiracy theorist points out perhaps the over all game is more about the Industrial Military Complex of the World and their cash flows then it is about the true protection of the peoples of North America (US and Canada). Although they say all is fair in love and war; the conspiracy theorist seems to point out that he believes that the Israelis take it to another level as they “give head” to underlings of the Canadian Parliament and actual leaders too.So if I read the conspiracy theorist correctly he is saying that indeed “The Spy business is alive and well, and if we got it then they got it too.” Meanwhile some of the smaller start up Canadian UAV companies say things like; “Yes Israel appears to be quite a back stabbing kind of country.”Whether you wish to label the Israeli Government good or evil would be one’s opinion, as it seems that; well that you have to give them credit you know they certainly are looking out for their best interests. And it is in the Israelis best interests to know about nations like Canada who have in the past harbored International Terrorists and Muslim Radical Extremists who want to see Israel with a nuclear cloud over it, just like the Leader of Iran recently stated. The Islamic Radical Terrorists live and meet in Canada; (9-11), then come from there to the United States.What does all this mean? Well perhaps Israel has its own fish to fry and that the sale of UAV to Canada is merely a means to an end. Thus discounting or low balling prices like a “lost leader” sale to get their foot in the door to Canadian National Security makes a whole lot of sense really from their perspective. You see it does not appear to be personal with them, to them it is survival and like the conspiracy theorist says if this is the case; “If you catch them at it. Denial, but no apology.”You see their mission is to protect their people no matter what and to kill the enemy if attacked. And they will you watch not hesitate with pre-emption, as to them it is standard policy you see. Yet still the smaller companies who feel they are getting the short end of the stick wonder why; “The US keeps sending them billions of dollars every year.”Well it is not to subsidize their UAV industry if that is what they are getting at. Perhaps these smaller UAV company start ups need to; well need to study some more history, I suppose. You see the US sends many nations billions. Some might say that we are the World’s Money Tree. A nation like the US; well you know we get a lot of diplomacy this way and indeed before someone calls me on it, let me just say that these are not the same years as the 7-day war and the USS Liberty incident.

As Sherone with his stroke will soon be out of power, things are going to change and everything is up in the air. Iran with nuclear weapons and unstable radical regime is a “no go” and “No Fly” for Israel, they will not let that happen. And the world does not need WWIII now or ever in the Middle East, as there is way too much ramp up now. The plot thickens and we could see some feces hit the cooling system soon and standing in front of it, is well, just a really bad place to be standing. There is a bigger picture to look at and all aspects should be considered before jumping into conspiracy theories or start ups claiming a foul. If they start ups build a better bird (UAV) then the Canadian Government ought to buy it and if not well then Israel and the Israeli Aircraft Industries Co. is merely one of many options. Think on all this for me.